Rebecca Oster

I found Michigan Elite Labs a few years ago when I was searching for a
new lab puppy…we had two at home already that were aging. Once I made
the decision that I wanted one, we waited a long time (2yrs), but we were
perfectly fine with that!! We picked out little green collared Niner from
Bach/Jesse(Aug 14). Niner…who isn’t so little anymore has the silliest,
quirkiest personality. But people always comment on what a good puppy
he is. He is quite mellow for a 1.5yr old lab. Plus he’s simply beautiful!!
Steve and Alisha made the process so easy and so smooth. You can tell
that they love their babies. I love the fact that the puppies were exposed to
their young daughter and were immediately used to children. I don’t know if
I could ever get a lab somewhere else!!!

Kennedy Hutchinson

Michigan Elite Labs has given me this little angel I’ve never had a more
loving and protective dog. Even tho it was like a 10 hour drive for us it was
well worth it. I wouldn’t trust to get a lab anywhere else! Brody (Lovey/Tank)

Melissa Summers

I had my 16 week old check up this week at the vet’s office. That means 8 weeks since I came to my new home. Currently I am 36 pounds but Dr. Doug kept saying, “He’s going to be big, he’s going to be big.” Well, I sure hope I am going to be big, since I have these giant feet and ears that I have to grow into yet! I have learned tons since living here. I can sit, stay, lay down, shake, wave bye and “bang bang”. There is still lots to learn. I am practicing this week at sitting in the park and ignoring the kids playing nearby… boy that is difficult, but I get cheese when I sit still and pay attention.

You can see my “bang bang” video here that was taken a few weeks ago:

I am happy, healthy and excited about life..what else can a puppy ask for!!

Kim Kapp

Hi Steve and Alisha,

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bailey for you guys to see and let you know
how much we are enjoying her. She is 70 pds. and absolutely adorable. She is loving
this nice weather and playing ball and eating sticks!! As you can imagine she is very
spoiled! We see on your website you are expecting more puppies soon..Hope all
goes well and you guys are doing good!! Thanks again for Bailey we can’t imagine
life without her!!

Lisa Yurgen

Steve and Alisha,

She is doing really good, took her to our vet yesterday and not only did they all fall in love with her – he said she was in excellent health, good bones, etc. he asked me where I purchased her from and I told him.  He said just checking her over that she came from an excellent breeder!  Thank you!  They noticed before I even said anything that she resembled the Cottonelle puppy and I laughed and told them that “Rio” was her sire and she was related to the puppy!  🙂  She is a little spoiled now between our two kids, they put her bed with them  🙂  I told them not a good idea…but she is going outside good, only had 2 small potty breaks in the house. she plays nicely with her chewy rope and has not tried to chew anything yet and of course we are watching her.She loves the cats!   Her food is in crate so she can go freely back and forthwith no problem at all.  Also my son, Chris recommended you to someone he works with who is looking for a lab also, theirs recently passed away!  Thank you again!

Lori Seguin

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful dog In Deke (Gracie/Rowdy). For such a young boy, he
has an amazing personality and a real sweetheart. He’s my bestie. He’s so calm at home but loves to play
with sticks and snow outside. He also loves to swim, but is also very happy as a couch potato. I love him
so much and can’t imagine my life without my bud! Thanks again!!

Prasanna Deshpande

We started looking for a yellow lab fall of 2014. My wife Tia was the primary driver for getting a lab puppy
and followed up various websites for weeks to land on Michigan Elite Facebook page at some point. She
followed the page for few weeks and mentioned of a litter to me they were expecting (Zillow/ Bach). We
set off for 2 hours drive and were greeted by friendly Steve. We were very impressed with the facility and I
personally liked when Steve mentioned few modifications he was planning to do to his facility. That just
showed to us they are in this business long term and want to do it the right way. Another thing that
happened was we needed to go overseas for three weeks trip to India when the pups were ready to go
home. We were ok to wait for next litter in case Steve couldn’t wait, however he graciously agreed and we
got Frankie home after we came back. He is a beautiful dog and great addition. We also like the constant
support Steve’s Facebook page gives to us, like many things Pet ownership is a long term deal and there
are different questions you will encounter at various stages of puppy’s age. We have met many wonderful
people through this forum who have given valuable advice, shared stories of their dogs and cool play
dates. We wish Steve and Michigan Elite Lab the best. This will be the best choice you will make to get
your lab/s from here.

Dennie Sayles

I recommend Michigan Elite Labradors with a rating of 10 out of 10. I purchased Stymie, a black lab
female, about 2 months ago. She is very easy to train, very well behaved, lovable, and friendly, and she is
obedient by nature even it seems. She aims to please, and is beautiful. Everyone loves her as soon as
they see her. She only had about one accident in the house per week at most, which I’m told is quite a
good record. It was a very easy and professional process purchasing the puppy from Steve Karp &
Michigan Elite Labradors. The price was reasonable, and I could tell when I picked Stymie up, Steve and
Company go out of their way to provide excellence to their customers. I have heard many fine
recommendations from others, more so than I can recall people recommending any other breeder, or any
other thing, as far as I can remember. You can tell from their Facebook page, there is a long list of clients
that are very happy, and seem even to have created a community of very happy and loyal clients on this
page, supportive of one another, and happy with, proud of, and who love their puppies and dogs.

Sue Russel

My husband and I had our first lab ( from my cousin in Nashville, TN ) for 12.5 yrs. I never had a dog
growing up, but this lab puppy turned me into a dog person (lab snob)!! We realized she was aging but we
were devistated when she had bone cancer and beyond shocked when she passed away the next day. It
was hard on us but really hard for my husband because he was the last one to leave in the morning, would
come home at lunch to let her out and the first one home from work. He really felt how EMPTY the house
was. He really pushed to get another lab. He know we would go to MEL because my sisters neighbor had
a lab from them. If we were at my sisters and their dog was out John had to go see the dog. When we
decided it was time for a puppy we contacted Steve and waited for the puppies to be born. We were
going to be first on waiting list for a yellow female– well there were only 2 puppies – Cookie and Kelly – so
they kept Cookie and we took Kelly. She has been just a sweet and loving puppy, we could not have
picked a better puppy ourself!! My husband died unexpectedly last year and Kelly has been such good
company– and adapted easily to having our neighbor come over every afternoon to let her out. Kelly is so
sweet if my neighbor can’t come over mid day her mom or dad will come let her out and she acts like they
are long lost friends!!

Tom and Carol Gagne

Carol and I lost our beloved Gracie (Yellow Labrador from Imlay City) about two years ago. We were both
devastated. It was suggested that we wait a year before acquiring a new puppy. That wasn’t going to work
because both of us really needed a soft, cuddly little yellow puppy. So, we did our research and found
Michigan Elite Labs. The first time we met Steve, Alisha and Isabelle, we realized our search was over.
My career requires me to perceive, consider and evaluate people and circumstances. Based upon our
meeting we concluded that, unlike other breeder we had met, MEL cared for and treated their dogs like
members of their family and not just commodities. Well – we fell in love with “Lime Collar” Lucy
(Faith/Rowdy 4/2014). That little puppy had some very big shoes to fill. Lucy did it all and more. Michigan
Elite Labs is the only place to get a Labrador. Thanks to, and God bless, Steve, Alisha, Isabelle, Humbug
and all MEL dogs and their owners. Everyone have a safe and blessed New Year.