Pay a Deposit to Hold Your Spot in Line


If you’d like to pay a deposit to hold your spot in line for a puppy, please fill out the form below. Make sure to let us know what color and gender you are interested in and also if you have a specific litter preference. We will email you a confirmation within 24 hours after you pay the deposit. If you’d like to send a check, we’ll email you our address to mail it. If you have any questions, please email us @

Puppy price is $3400 (includes MI sales tax)
Deposit is $400 (counts toward purchase price)

**See Below For Current Deposit List**

Current Deposit List With Preferred Timeframes

Black Male:

Rachel O.- Summer/Fall 2024

Tessa Z.- Spring/Summer 2024

Zoe Z.- Spring/Summer 2024

Cliff & Jen W.- Fall/Winter 2024

Miranda M.- Fall/Winter 2024

Mark C.- Spring/Summer 2024

Black Female:

Luke S.- Summer 2024

Tatty H.- Summer/Fall 2024

Nate B.- Spring 2024

Davis H.- Summer 2024

Yellow Male:

Kevin S.- Spring 2024

Kim S.- Spring/Summer 2024

Jamie G- Spring/Summer 2024

Dawn S- Spring/Summer 2024

Ashish W.- Spring/Summer 2024

Kalynah Z- Summer/Fall 2024

Lauren B.- Sending check- Fall 2024

Jim & Karen E.- Summer/Fall 2024

Yellow Female:

Rachel B.- Spring/Summer 2024

MaryAnn M.- Spring/Summer 2024

Frank S.- Spring/Summer 2024