Visiting Policy

Everyday we get phone calls or emails from families that would like to visit our home and meet our Labs and puppies in person. We completely understand that, if I were looking for a new puppy to add to my family it would be a natural response to want to make a visit.

That’s what we used to do and we enjoyed it. We let families come and visit us and meet everyone whenever we could. But we experienced something terrible and had to change our thinking. In 2009 we had a litter of two week old puppies and we were having families out to meet them and our adult Labradors. One of the families unknowingly brought in a disease with them and it transferred to the young puppies. Our adult Labradors were vaccinated and had developed immune systems so they were okay, but not the young puppies. One by one we lost the entire litter of 8 puppies and we were totally heartbroken. After completing autopsies at MSU, we were devastated to learn that it was completely preventable. After that experience, we changed our visiting policy.

We don’t allow any visits to our kennel until the litter you are choosing from is ready to go home. On that day (affectionately known as “gotcha day”) you’ll be able to meet us, see our adults, make your pick and take home your new puppy! It’s a really exciting day. Until then, you’ll receive periodic updates on the litter you’ve chosen with pics/videos, updated weights and lots of info on the litter. It’s a fun, interactive experience. We are more active online through our Facebook group, YouTube channel and website than just about any breeder I’ve seen.

Our AKC inspector along with our local health inspector have both asked us to keep up our policy because of the huge amount of disease transfer happening among canines in Michigan.

We hope you understand the policy and if you have any questions, please let us know