Lisa Yurgen

Steve and Alisha,

She is doing really good, took her to our vet yesterday and not only did they all fall in love with her – he said she was in excellent health, good bones, etc. he asked me where I purchased her from and I told him.  He said just checking her over that she came from an excellent breeder!  Thank you!  They noticed before I even said anything that she resembled the Cottonelle puppy and I laughed and told them that “Rio” was her sire and she was related to the puppy!  🙂  She is a little spoiled now between our two kids, they put her bed with them  🙂  I told them not a good idea…but she is going outside good, only had 2 small potty breaks in the house. she plays nicely with her chewy rope and has not tried to chew anything yet and of course we are watching her.She loves the cats!   Her food is in crate so she can go freely back and forthwith no problem at all.  Also my son, Chris recommended you to someone he works with who is looking for a lab also, theirs recently passed away!  Thank you again!

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