Melissa Summers

I had my 16 week old check up this week at the vet’s office. That means 8 weeks since I came to my new home. Currently I am 36 pounds but Dr. Doug kept saying, “He’s going to be big, he’s going to be big.” Well, I sure hope I am going to be big, since I have these giant feet and ears that I have to grow into yet! I have learned tons since living here. I can sit, stay, lay down, shake, wave bye and “bang bang”. There is still lots to learn. I am practicing this week at sitting in the park and ignoring the kids playing nearby… boy that is difficult, but I get cheese when I sit still and pay attention.

You can see my “bang bang” video here that was taken a few weeks ago:

I am happy, healthy and excited about life..what else can a puppy ask for!!

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