Mitch and Jenny Stanfield

Our story is unique….this is our Boomer (Faith/Rio 2012)….we did not get him as a puppy. His original
owner could not keep Boomer ….he contacted Steve and Steve agreed to take Boomer back at 16
months and help find him a home. That speaks volumes about Steve….he would not let one of his puppies
go to a shelter, he wanted to make sure Boomer would be ok. He put Boomer on FB advertising him and
we fell in love. Steve wasnt looking to make money on Boomer….we got him at very reduced price.That
also speaks volumes ! Steve only wanted Boomer to find a good home. We were already on a list for a
puppy, we lost our lab only a few months before. My husband found Elite on line and we loved the look of
the Elite labs. Steve made our process smooth and easy…..I feel like we won the lotto that day. Boomer is
the sweetest boy….gorgeous and so smart…all he wants to do is to please us! I am so proud to be part of
the Michigan Elite family.

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