Renee King

After losing 3 of our beloved 4 footed kids to old age in a short period of time,
we started looking for a puppy to start new memories with. I found Michigan
Elite Labs website and fell in love with the amazing photos of their available
puppies. I called Steve and we made arrangements to make the 4 hour drive
north from our home in Ohio to a place called Wheeler, Michigan. We knew
we wanted a black female to be the new little friend of our 130 pound rescued
“Duke”, of whom Steve and Alisha have been gracious enough to allow to be
an honorary member. Once there, it was obvious of the true passion this
family has for their dogs. Steve had the black females in their home for us to
see, and after much deliberation, chose the love of my life, Emma. Curious to
see Emma’s momma and daddy, Steve took us to his barn (where he had just
begun his beautiful, new maternity ward) and we saw the magnificent “Bach”
and his females. Well, also in the barn were Emma’s yellow brothers…and
yes, we fell for another MEL. We really wanted him too, but Steve told us he
promised first yellow male choice to someone else and had a moral
obligation to this gentleman, which we totally respected. We did have a
second choice yellow fella should we not get our first choice, but do to work
schedules, were unable to dedicate an eight hour round trip back to Wheeler.
Steve called us a couple days later and said our first choice was not chosen
by this man and he would bring him to Ohio to us! So, Emma and her brother
“Bo” were reunited again! That was 1 1/2 years ago and I can’t imagine our
lives without these two. Not only did we get two of the best dogs ever, we got
one of the kindest, good-hearted, extended families there is. We all have a
common denominator…the love for our Michigan Elite Labs. We share
pictures, hardships, questions, and friendships, and Steve and Alisha are
always there for us.

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