Linda Sargent

We have 2 MEL’s since 2008 when Steve started selling Lab pups. I believe we were part his second litter and his biggest litter with Cocco and Chopper (14 pups). Both of the parents were beautiful and on site when we went to pick out our first “Pink Collar” girl. We picked up our second “Pink Collar” girl in late 2014. They have become best friends from the beginning. They have never fought or growled at each other and play very well together. We have had the best puppies/dogs/best friends we could ever ask for from a breeder. The Karp’s are very caring and knowledgeable about the Labrador breed. Any questions I have ever had Steve has always been there to guide me and teach me. His extended MEL family has been very inspiring and amusing as we all watch the pups grow into beautiful pets.

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