In Wheeler, MI they were born and raised…

In the breeder world, people lie. I guess that’s true in the world in general, but when dealing with animals who can’t speak for themselves, lying is something we see too much of. One thing you can be sure with us is that we have integrity. Being honest and having God’s blessing are so important to us and we’ll never compromise on that.

It’s come to our attention that there are other breeders that are telling people that we buy random litters of puppies and resell them. That’s simply not true. All of our puppies are born right here in our home and raised everyday with us. We have NEVER bought any puppies to resell and we never will. All of our puppies are ours from our lines that we’ve strived for 15 years to always improve. All of our adult Labradors live right here with us too. We hope that clears up any misinformation!

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