Pandemic Puppies

Over the last few months, a lot of other breeders have asked us about our plans with breeding for 2020. We weren’t quite sure (like everyone else) what was going to happen and, as breeders, we’ve realized one important thing- a good veterinarian is essential to help produce happy, healthy puppies. Because of the lockdown, we haven’t been able to do our breedings like we normally do. We normally have a breeder’s consultation with our vet and and female who is in heat. Then we do several progesterone tests through her heat cycle to determine when she is ovulating. Next we do Artificial Inseminations at just the right time. Finally, 30 days later, we do a pregnancy test to determine pregnancy and institute our health protocol for pregnant dogs. Well, none of those things we normally do have been “allowed” to happen because of this shut down. It’s been really hard. We still expect to have puppies this summer/fall/winter but it is proving to be not as successful as when all of our normal routines are available. If you’re on our deposit list, please keep being patient. Happy puppies are coming!

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