Prasanna Deshpande

We started looking for a yellow lab fall of 2014. My wife Tia was the primary driver for getting a lab puppy
and followed up various websites for weeks to land on Michigan Elite Facebook page at some point. She
followed the page for few weeks and mentioned of a litter to me they were expecting (Zillow/ Bach). We
set off for 2 hours drive and were greeted by friendly Steve. We were very impressed with the facility and I
personally liked when Steve mentioned few modifications he was planning to do to his facility. That just
showed to us they are in this business long term and want to do it the right way. Another thing that
happened was we needed to go overseas for three weeks trip to India when the pups were ready to go
home. We were ok to wait for next litter in case Steve couldn’t wait, however he graciously agreed and we
got Frankie home after we came back. He is a beautiful dog and great addition. We also like the constant
support Steve’s Facebook page gives to us, like many things Pet ownership is a long term deal and there
are different questions you will encounter at various stages of puppy’s age. We have met many wonderful
people through this forum who have given valuable advice, shared stories of their dogs and cool play
dates. We wish Steve and Michigan Elite Lab the best. This will be the best choice you will make to get
your lab/s from here.

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