Dennie Sayles

I recommend Michigan Elite Labradors with a rating of 10 out of 10. I purchased Stymie, a black lab
female, about 2 months ago. She is very easy to train, very well behaved, lovable, and friendly, and she is
obedient by nature even it seems. She aims to please, and is beautiful. Everyone loves her as soon as
they see her. She only had about one accident in the house per week at most, which I’m told is quite a
good record. It was a very easy and professional process purchasing the puppy from Steve Karp &
Michigan Elite Labradors. The price was reasonable, and I could tell when I picked Stymie up, Steve and
Company go out of their way to provide excellence to their customers. I have heard many fine
recommendations from others, more so than I can recall people recommending any other breeder, or any
other thing, as far as I can remember. You can tell from their Facebook page, there is a long list of clients
that are very happy, and seem even to have created a community of very happy and loyal clients on this
page, supportive of one another, and happy with, proud of, and who love their puppies and dogs.

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