Rebecca Oster

I found Michigan Elite Labs a few years ago when I was searching for a
new lab puppy…we had two at home already that were aging. Once I made
the decision that I wanted one, we waited a long time (2yrs), but we were
perfectly fine with that!! We picked out little green collared Niner from
Bach/Jesse(Aug 14). Niner…who isn’t so little anymore has the silliest,
quirkiest personality. But people always comment on what a good puppy
he is. He is quite mellow for a 1.5yr old lab. Plus he’s simply beautiful!!
Steve and Alisha made the process so easy and so smooth. You can tell
that they love their babies. I love the fact that the puppies were exposed to
their young daughter and were immediately used to children. I don’t know if
I could ever get a lab somewhere else!!!

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