Lynne King

Michigan Elite Labs are absolutely outstanding. They are the most
wonderful family and breeders. They are extremely reputable and involved
with every pup. Steve is always available to you. I called so many times.
He is conscientious and really cares about where his puppies go. We got
Jax (Bach/Zillow 12/14) and he was the most amazing sweet lovable calm
puppy. He is beyond gorgeous. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that I
have never seen better looking labs. Elite labs are very intelligent and have
excellent temperaments. Jax was potty trained right away. When I got a
trainer, He learned everything immediately. She was so impressed with
him and shocked how well he did. She trains Leader of the Blinds dogs so
it was a huge compliment coming from her. We have people stop us
everywhere to ask if he is a show dog. One of them was a breeder.

Another huge bonus is the all the relationships we have made amongst the
Elite family. I love all the stories and pictures. Many of us got together for a
Michigan Elite Lab’s Reunion. All the dogs were gorgeous fun and well
behaved. Even all the parents were a blast. I could go on and on about
Michigan Elite Labs, but most important is the fact I would never get a dog
from anyone else!

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