Sue Russel

My husband and I had our first lab ( from my cousin in Nashville, TN ) for 12.5 yrs. I never had a dog
growing up, but this lab puppy turned me into a dog person (lab snob)!! We realized she was aging but we
were devistated when she had bone cancer and beyond shocked when she passed away the next day. It
was hard on us but really hard for my husband because he was the last one to leave in the morning, would
come home at lunch to let her out and the first one home from work. He really felt how EMPTY the house
was. He really pushed to get another lab. He know we would go to MEL because my sisters neighbor had
a lab from them. If we were at my sisters and their dog was out John had to go see the dog. When we
decided it was time for a puppy we contacted Steve and waited for the puppies to be born. We were
going to be first on waiting list for a yellow female– well there were only 2 puppies – Cookie and Kelly – so
they kept Cookie and we took Kelly. She has been just a sweet and loving puppy, we could not have
picked a better puppy ourself!! My husband died unexpectedly last year and Kelly has been such good
company– and adapted easily to having our neighbor come over every afternoon to let her out. Kelly is so
sweet if my neighbor can’t come over mid day her mom or dad will come let her out and she acts like they
are long lost friends!!

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