Our New Website!

We hope you like our new website! For years we’ve enjoyed our old website- mostly because it was easy to manage! Drag and drop, cut and paste, put-anything-where-we-wanted-it-kind-of-a-thing. New website designs meant more coding and knowledge of coding. I (Steve) knew just enough about WordPress and CSS to get me in trouble.

Luckily, Alisha’s brother is a web developer and a free lance web designer on the side. (www.cullenjwebb.com) He’s talked to us so many times about creating a new website, so we finally gave in a decided to give it a try. After many, many hours of work and design, we’ve come up with something we are so in love with!

We wanted to create a website that connected with who we are as a family of lab lovers. We wanted something that was excellent, because we have always tried our best to be excellent in everything we do with our dogs. We’re firm believers that if we always did everything we could to produce healthy and happy labs, that people who brought home puppies from us would be so blessed and happy.

We think this new website captures all of that! We’re so excited to keep improving it and to see where our venture continues to lead us. Raising labs is our lifestyle, it’s our passion, it’s who we are and we couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thanks so much for checking out the site!

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